Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weight Lifted

I have six days until my summer trimester of school is complete! It really has gone quickly.

Last night a huge weight was lifted off my nursing school carrying shoulders as my lab partner, my normal study buddies, and I all completed our Head to Toe Assessment Check-off exam. We each had 30 minutes to do a full head to toe assessment of our partner, completing each individual part requested and verbalizing our findings.

This assignment felt like a beast and I was very nervous throughout the day yesterday as the "impending doom" loomed overhead, but it's quite comical how all four us walked in and cranked it out with batting an eye. My partner and I did our happy dance once we left school and are planning to studying hard this week for our final on Tuesday. After that we can look forward to some relax time until the fall trimester begins September 6th.

Happy Hump Day! It is for me.


Robin Kee said...

Glad it went well, sis! love you.

Randall Johnson said...

Way to go, Heather! It won't be long, yeah.

Rachael said...

congrats, girl! counting down those 6 days with you!