Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feelin the Burn 2

We have t-minus 12 days until "race" day.

So I thought I'd give an update on how my "training" or back to working out progress is going. I've really tried to take advantage of not having school two nights a week (about to be 3 times a week starting next month) by getting myself back into the workout routine and pushing towards getting back in shape. So far I've worked out six times since I began this quest (Thursday, August 11th).

Here is what I've done so far:

  • First run (Thursday, 8/11) - less than 1.5 miles, long walk & stretch after
  • 1 hr spin class (Saturday, 8/13) - got my sisters to come with me
  • 1 hr spin class (Monday, 8/15)
  • 1 hr Bodycombat class (Thursday, 8/18) - more on that below
  • 1.8 mile run, long walk & stretch after (Sunday, 8/21)
  • 1 hr "Team Training" (Tuesday, 8/23) - more on that below

I'm feeling better and making progress every step of the way. But I definitely feel the burn. The body is asking me what I'm doing to it, but I can tell the muscles VAGUELY remember what they once were, so there is a little pep to my step to continue. Well, actually I'm lying if I say there is "pep" in my step today, I'm actually walking like an old woman as I work the soreness out from last night. But I digress.

So what do I mean by "Bodycombat" class, huh? Here is the gym's description:
BODYCOMBAT™ - Infused with a wide array of martial arts disciplines (karate, tae kwon do, tai chi, kickboxing, and muay thai), BODYCOMBAT is not for the meek. Kick, strike, and punch your way to superb physical condition. Moderate to high fitness levels are welcome.
I could definitely tell this class gave me a full body workout. I punched and kicked and blocked and moved in ways that I do not normally and it used my own body weight all throughout. It was up-tempo and entertaining, not monotonous at all. As long as I continued to "get over" the fact that I looked silly and did not do the moves in the most coordinated fashion, I really liked it. I chose to watch the instructor instead of seeing myself in a mirror - I distracted myself otherwise. I think I'll be back if my schedule allows.

So what about "Team Training" at the gym last night, well I'm definitely paying for it. Muscles within my body that I never knew existed are aching. Nevertheless I like this kind of burn - even if I'm walking around like an old woman - it reminds me that I'm working out again and pushing myself. It's a group style "class" that has a circuit training like process to it. After warm-up it's 45 minutes of hard core movements - you can push as hard as you're able, and rest as much as needed throughout reps - doing it at your own pace. Granted if you stand around forever, the trainer there is going to instruct and push! We did lunges, squats, wall sits, push ups, tricep pulls, bicep pulls, abdominal work, you name it - the muscle was worked. If it didn't cost more than my typical gym membership, I'd be all over it once a week.

All that to say, I'm on my way. Hopefully I'll be able to move a little more normally by Saturday am and get back to the gym with a Sunday morning run in store before church. T-minus 12 days until I'm "called" to run 3.1 miles. Thankfully I have a good running partner. She's letting me take it slow, but is also capable of running for days - she'll push me.

In other news... after getting home last night from the gym and grocery shopping for the ingredients for Mr. McGoo's birthday dessert he requested (blog post to come on that later), I came home and put up the groceries, fed the dogs, and took out the trash. Ummmm, I never made it back into the house after that until Mr. McGoo returned home at 930pm or so. For 2 hours I was locked out of my house. The furbabies were totally confused - - mom went out of the house with a bag and never came back. It was hot and I have some mosquito bites to show for it, but I did enjoy an hour long conversation with one of our fabulous neighbors.

Always something. ;)

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