Monday, August 22, 2011

On Mission

The other day I was asked if I have some feedback on primary myths that many church people have concerning missions.

For example:
    Missions is just about reaching people overseas in Africa.
    Only certain people are called to missions.

I focused mostly on the second example myth that "only certain people are called to missions" when I answered. Here is what I was thinking:

Often times when people use the wording "I'm not called" they are really saying in churchy wording "I don't FEEL like it". Throughout the Bible the Lord tells us to be self-controlled, this includes our emotions... they are not truth, they are often our fleshly reaction to something rather than a Biblical response.

With that in mind, just because we do not FEEL like doing something doesn't mean we're not supposed to do it. God says to GO (Matthew 28), and therefore we should obey and go. It's not about going overseas or not, although some will gain a burden for people groups outside of their own. It's more about obedience and serving the least of these (Matthew 25), serving and loving our neighbors (Matthew 22), serving and loving our enemies (Matthew 5), and obeying what God has commanded us to do. Out of our love for Jesus and in following Him we should imitate His walk in these areas.

The question isn't about do you feel like doing missions or not. The real question is "are we serving and loving and sharing Christ to those around us"? Just because you don't feel like it (aka. aren't called) doesn't mean the command doesn't apply to you and to me. By not doing it and using our own emotions as the reason, we're being disobedient.

By definition "missions" means a group of people taking part in an assignment. God has given us an assignment (quite a few actually) within His word. Are we obeying? Am I obeying?

"Missions" does not strictly mean going overseas and living in a hut. "Missions" does not strictly mean giving up everything you have here for a life in a third world country. Or whatever the first thought is that comes to your mind. "Missions" is about right here, right now, everyday. God calls us to be "on mission" as Christ followers. Am I being obedient to the assignment given to me? Are you? Am I sharing Christ with those around me? Are you?

Maybe that's part of it all... people's hesitance and/or resistance of being involved in missions both locally and overseas - the wording. People have categorized the churchy wording associated with missions to mean something it is not and therefore brush it off, saying that's not for me, I'm not "called", or I don't feel like it, and therefore might be allowing the enemy to use this as a reason/excuse to not obey something God is calling us to do.

So after answering, I find myself asking how can I be "on mission" more regularly and constantly in my life? How can I truly share the love and hope of Christ with those around me today?

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Kelly said...

Awesome post, Heather!