Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last night I completed my first official nursing class - Health Assessment. Tonight I received word that I made an A, so I'm feeling pretty good. I was blessed with a great set of study buddies for this class and am lucky enough to have them all  in my classes next trimester too. So now, I'm looking forward to the next twenty seven days of "freedom". No school, but I will have plenty to fill up my time (what's new?)!

Here are a few things I hope to do in the next 27 days of 'break'...

Work will continue.
Read (more on that in my next "book corner" post).
Run - somehow I got convinced or agreed to run a 5k on Labor Day. I haven't ran in FOREVER, so training starts tomorrow - should be comical to hear about the progress of that.
Clean - the house has been neglected the last several weeks, for the most part, considering Mr. McGoo was out of town and my summer trimester was coming quickly to a close. Time to get some of the deeper cleaning that was missed taken care of once again.
Cheer - Mr. McGoo and I have joined the Fellowship of Christian Athletes "take the field" initiative at our church where we have the opportunity to "take the field" with a young man in high school and his family. We will partner together to cheer for this young man on and off the football field. I'm looking forward to meeting him (he's a junior) on Friday night at the opening season jamboree and can't wait to cheer for him and the team in purple, which happens to be my favorite color.
Celebrate - Mr. McGoo and my middle sis have the same birthday - August 25th, so we will celebrate their birthday as well as the middle sista's husband, my B.I.L. His is the 30th. We will celebrate all three this weekend - the only time everyone could get together.
Ride roller coasters at Six Flags St. Louis. We had tickets for when we went to St. Louis in April, but the park wasn't open the day we planned to go. So one weekend this month we'll do a quick trip to use our tickets and enjoy the rides.
Rest mentally more so than physically.

I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me over the next several days.
Mr. McGoo is about to enter chaos as his fourth and last pre-season begins this weekend for the U of Memphis. That means in addition to everything else he is doing, he will be committed to pre-season activities and I'll only see him late in the evening when he brings home dinner, showers, and crashes before the next day's to dos.

Now to go and get that desired reading started...

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