Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TFC Blog: Thunderstorms

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post on this blog titled Thunderstorms. This week it is featured on The Forsaken Children's blog. I'd love for you to go and give it a read - leave a comment or two while you're there.

I lay in bed last night, snuggling up and enjoying the sounds of the thunder roll in and the rain beginning to pour.

I love thunderstorms . . . And as I listened, I began thinking about how much I enjoy a good night’s sleep under the comfort of my home, being lulled to sleep by the rain and thunder outside my door . . . nothing like that kind of sleep . . .

But then my heart started aching, as a consciousness crept in – “Wait, Mrs. McGoo – you are the lucky one, you have a warm bed, a dry roof over your head to “enjoy” such a storm . . . but how many folks do not have such blessings?


With that thought, that reality in mind last night, I began aching [. . .]

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