Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy Girl

As you can tell by the lack of posts, blogging isn't taking a current priority in my life. Truth is - it's not an option. I'd love to have the opportunity to hash out some stuff in type more regularly, verbally vomiting for anyone that happens to come upon the blog, but right now I'm doing my best to tread water.

I'm staying afloat, and working to accomplish all that I can without drowning myself. Nursing school plus a full time job, a husband, a home, a life involved with ministry, and everything in between keeps a girl busy.

Part of the lesson I'm relearning (yes, I have to "learn" this lesson over and over, I'm that stubborn) during this stage of life is the obvious reality: I CANNOT DO IT ALL.

I know it might shock you, note the sarcasm, but for me that's not an easy reality to learn. I'm a "get the job done" kind of person... what needs to be done? Let's do it... and it's humbling to be reminded I can't, as much as I would like to try, do it all! Doing it "all" isn't an option right now and actually should never be! The times I attempt to do it all are the same moments I rely on myself instead of my Jesus.

However this realization of not being able to do it all or all on my own is paving the way for me to lean on others a bit more than I normally do. It's a humbling process but also a real blessing when so many people step up to the plate and love me well, pray for me, and assist along the way. See God's teaching me through all this!

One thing the craziness of my school and work schedule with life scattered in between has brought into clear view again is how blessed I am to have Mr. McGoo. He's a rockstar! Seriously! He's been so helpful in helping me keep the house clean, feed me, run necessary errands, remind me to take one day at a time, cook, grocery shop, etc. He has been beyond awesome in this new stage of school/work craziness for me! Thanks hubs!

Tonight I have my first exam of the trimester in my Basic Skills of Nursing class. Then back to the books to complete the assignments at hand. One day at a time.


Randall Johnson said...

Great lesson, busy girl. I love the fact of your competence and the reality is we over rely on such people as you. After all, you get so much done and so much better than we do. But it is not fair to you and only reinforces the expectation that this is the basis for someone's worth, i.e., how much they can accomplish. Just another form of idolatry, isn't it?

Frank Bryant said...

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