Thursday, February 4, 2010

From Little Acorns...

... God grows MIGHTY BIG TREES!

I am pumped about the results of The ABC Challenge 2010! I'm sure I'm not fully aware of all the collection of coins that came out of this 30 day event, but from the few responses and reports I've received, I am confident that out of little acorns, God grows MIGHTY BIG TREES.

The ABC Challenge 2010 collected enough pocket change over the 30 day period in January to provide the funds for over 474 meals for the children in Uganda. This money will go to support the amazing work of Amazima Ministries International and share the love of Christ by filling the empty bellies of these precious children and loving on them in a big way.

How cool is that!? Pocket change for us providing 474 MEALS for children!!! Thank you to everyone that participated and truly made a difference with every $.15 they were able to collect! I know the amount given whether seemingly big or small will impact actual lives, caring for the "least of these" in a big way! I am confident that Amazima Ministries will use the money we sent to benefit the kingdom of God. Awesome stuff!

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Mr. McGoo said...

Furthering the kingdom one meal at a time. Praise the Lord