Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's going...

I'm having one of those weeks, one of those multiple weeks where the answer the question, "How's it going?" has only one response - IT'S GOING!

There is so much going on these days that at times I feel like a chicken with my head cut off. Are there enough hours in the day? From work every day of the week to school, to finding time to study, to cooking dinner, cleaning house, and desiring to get our house in order with painting and organizing and such, to finding time to just BE with my handsome husband, to spending time with friends and catching up with them after being MIA for the past few weeks, to helping friends get prepared for their wedding (SO EXCITED), to seeing friends from out of town (so glad we were able!), to attending short term missions training at church (can't wait to share about the trip), to catching up on the shows we enjoy, to wanting to actually watch the Olympics, to applying for scholarships for financial aid, to answering invitations for weddings, showers, and birthday parties, and hopefully attending a few of them, to desiring to just stop and do nothing or read for fun rather than school, to working out... the list goes on and on!

We've been busy and it doesn't look like it will life will let up for another week or so... so we're doing our best to take one day at a time and complete the task at hand. That's all we can do.

I'm not complaining, because many of the things we're "doing" are things we're so blessed and so greatful to be a part of - investing in people, continuing our education, etc - but some days, you just wish there was an opportunity to let everything stop and simply be still without a thought to the next task at hand. I'm a little concerned that maybe I'm going so fast right now I won't hear when the Lord is speaking to me. I've heard Him so clearly as of late in regards to caring for the least of these and our call as believers that I do not want to miss what He says next! But I am confident and so thankful for this -He's moving around me! He's moving in the hearts of people I care for, and even people I do not know. It's a cool thing to see and experience.

So that's me right now... a bundle of to do's and a bunch of things going on. I'm so thankful that I have a hubby that is so good to help and assist around the house along the way. I couldn't imagine if I didnt have my teammate. :)

The planned meals have been a huge help with all the craziness that has been going on. I haven't even thought about what's to eat besides looking in the morning before work and setting out the appropriate meat to thaw. I'm pumped to know that I have so many meals left and ready to go. So far I've made:
  • Poppy Seed Chicken, Garlic Bread, Green Beans, and Rice
  • Broiled Tilapia Parmesean, Italian vegetable medley, and 3 cheese garlic bread - even made that for friends to eat with us
  • Mr. McGoo made awesome Brauts with french fries
  • Red Beans and Rice, and salad
  • Pork Roast, Green Beans, and Mashed Taters
  • Cuban Sandwiches made from the left over pork roast
The following is left on the list:
  • Chili
  • Breakfast food (pancakes, eggs, etc)
  • Burgers and Fries
  • Italian Chicken, Biscuits, Pecan Vinaigrette Salad
  • Italian Chicken Pizza (using leftover meat from night before)
  • Taco Soup
  • Chicken Divan and Rice
  • Potato Soup (tonight's plan)
  • Turkey Tostadas
  • Tacos

In regards to our workout routine, I didn't post about it, but on Friday I worked out for 31minutes to The Biggest Loser on Wii. Bob kicked my butt in a 31 minute routine. It was 3 circuits of craziness. From tricep presses galore to a ton of "in plank" position exercises, my abs and shoulder were burning quicker than halfway through. It was good workout though. Since Friday I've done little but stretch and try to complete the many tasks at hand... we're back to it tomorrow am! Ready to Shred again.


Frank Bryant said...

It That Guy pulling his weight?

asconway said...

I completely understand where you're at. I just realized yesterday that I hadn't felt as connected to God in the past week because of all the irons I have in the fire. Trying to dedicate some time to getting back in touch with Him. :)

Candace Joseph said...

Yeh... that Tilapia was DELISH! Thanks for sharing :) We've actually started a meal plan ourselves. First meal will be Sun night when the hubby is back and settled in and has helped shop for the groceries ;) Will be a nice reward..

Mr. McGoo said...

I thought I slowed you down?!?!?