Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Casa in the Works

Our casa is experiencing quite a few changes as of late. We FINALLY had the wood lamanent flooring laid down that we've been in possession of for over six months. Boy has it made a VERY dramatic difference in the aesthetics of our home! We love it already!

Below are are some before and after photos showing the vast difference between the OLD and the NEW flooring. I've been really impressed how my paint colors of choice (back in May, see McGugan Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for details) compliment the new flooring very well. It seems to bring it all together. Check it out:

The new flooring goes throughout our back living room, old office (which will have a new function soon), kitchen, and mini hallway in between the kitchen, bathroom, and guest room. The project was just completed on Monday, so rearranging, repainting trim, and decorating has not begun. It's a work in progress. I believe it always will be, but we're definitely making headway into the right direction. Love it!

The other project that was completed on Sunday (completed in raw form, remember not decorated, painted, or finished at all) was the removal of a door. Our front living room had a door leading to one of our guest rooms. This guest room had another door that lead to the mini hallway near the bathroom and kitchen. We had the door to the living room removed. This project not only created more wall space for us, but it will also make a difference in the noise level experienced by the guest room and the insulation of the guest room. Very exciting.

Stay tuned as more changes will happen in the coming weeks. Paint colors to be chosen, decor to be purchased, room functions to be changed... we have some work to do, but the changes already are encouraging along the way!


Erin Marie said...

Looking GREAT!!!

Frank Bryant said...

(which will have a new function soon)

What? A nursery?

Mrs. McGoo said...


Lisa Marie said...

Wow, what a difference the floor makes! It looks like a totally different house!

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

Looks awesome!
I do love black and white floors though!
And also, closing that door was a great idea!

Mrs. McGoo said...

Thanks Everybody!

Britt I love CLEAN black & white floors. The pictures make it look better than it really was... think HOURS of clorox bleach & still not cleanliness. VERY FRUSTRATING!

asconway said...

Nice, I love it.

Tina said...

Looks AWESOME!! I know you're happy :)