Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Idol - Top 24

Alright Idol fans... or even those that simply want a challenge... we have arrived at our top 24 group of contestants in season 9 of American Idol. This means we're getting closer to finding that top 12 once again.

With the top 12 comes the Verbal Vomit American Idol Bracket Competition and I'm asking YOU to compete! I'm warning you NOW, so you cannot come later in the game and say you did not know... American Idol brackets are coming soon!

Whether you're an avid viewer or not, this bracket is for you! You will choose each week (before the top 12 ever becomes the top 11), who stays the next round, and continue to make those decisions on the bracket until it is complete with the NEXT AMERICAN IDOL. To get an idea of what last year's bracket competition looked like, check out my past blog post. More details for the 2010 version to come soon!


Candace Joseph said...

YES! I can't wait! Gonna win it this time... or at LEAST place a little higher!

asconway said...

I'm all over this too. I already have a couple that I like.