Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 19 w/Jillian Michaels

As we're working to get back into the swing of things, after a week in Kansas City... we knew that one of the "swing of things" we'd need to jump back into was working out. Last week consisted of ZERO days of working out, which was understandable, however, the week prior was also a sparadic week of workouts due to my hubby and I being under the weather. So today was the day to get the job done again... we're looking forward to another dedicated week of completing our workout every day.

Today marked Day 19 on the 30 day shred... to get back into it, we started with Interval 1 this morning. We'll probably do that tomorrow also before we jump into Interval 3 on wednesday for Day 21. Let the shredding begin again.

Oh, in other related news... my middle sis was able to be in KC with us and the rest of the family this past week... one day she received a text or a phone call (can't remember exactly) from her hubby who said "I shredded today". My sis responded, "you shredded? You shredded what? Paper?"... to which my bro in law quickly informed my sister of her error, he shredded with Jillian. So in honor of my bro in law's terminology, I want to tell you today, I SHREDDED!

Happy Monday!

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Brent said...

Haha, now if only I can start day 2 of the 30-day shred. I'll try to fit time in my schedule in a week or so.