Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Seriously, PRODUCTIVE does not even begin to scratch the surface of what we did this past weekend. The McGugan Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was exactly that - an EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER.

Over the Memorial Day "long" weekend, we did some major home changes. My amazing family came together and put in at least 30-40 hours worth of work EACH during the three day period. Craziness!!! My middle sis (Robin) and her hubby (Brent) traveled all the way from Nashville to be a part of the action, and Mom, Dad, and youngest sis (Kelsey) were ready and willing to get the job done. The hubby and I were and continue to be overwhelmed by my family's generosity in their time and labor. Even some of our buddies came by to help Saturday with the demolition of the shed... Thanks Riser!!! Thanks Keith! A job well done by everyone!

So, you might be asking yourself,
30-40 hours? What the heck did ya'll do?
Let me give you a tally, just to give you a small glimpse of the productivity this weekend:
  • Demo'd the backyard shed
  • Moved every single demo'd piece of material onto the curb
  • Dug up all the concrete, brick, and shingles that were under the shed
  • After priming the backroom, we painted it twice
  • Framed out the new window in the backroom
  • Painted the backroom trim
  • Painted two coats onto the master bedroom door and office doors
  • Stripped the kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawers with CitriStrip liquid - two times each piece
  • Sanded down (all the way through many layers, down to the plain wood) kitchen cabinets
  • Sanded down (down to the plain wood) kitchen doors and drawers
  • Primed the kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawers
  • Painted two coats of paint onto the kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawers - although we desired and had planned to stain the cabinets it turned out that different woods were used during the creation of each piece, as well as random bits of wood filler throughout the kitchen made us have to go with the painting process instead of stain
  • Primed the walls above the railing in the kitchen
  • Painted two coats of paint in the kitchen, above and below the center trim railing
  • Put new hardware of the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers
  • Cleaned and scrapped down existing hinges for the kitchen cabinet doors to reuse them
  • Primed, and painted two coats worth on the doors separating the kitchen and living room
  • Painted two coats in the area/hallway between the kitchen and bathroom
  • Replaced the door handles on both slat doors between the backroom & kitchen and the living room & kitchen to match the room they open into
  • Put new liner down into the cabinets and drawers
As you can see, we WORKED this past weekend. Below are "Before & After" photos of the kitchen. Before = white cabinets and green walls. After = brown cabinets and "pebble path" walls.

That's the same table before & after, the after just happens to be without the leaf folded out. I love that table, it was a grand buy after our wedding!

I'm thinking all the changes were worth all the work. Now all we have to do is save up for the new floors. ;) Always something, right? Thanks for all the help guys! My family rocks!!!


Kelly said...

Very nice! I esp. like the lighter paint on the kitchen walls - feels much more homey :) I have an ignorant question - why did you have to strip/sand the cabinets before you repainted them? Why couldn't you have just painted over the white?

Mrs. McGoo said...

The goal was to stain the cabinets brown, but as we got down to the wood there was a lot of wood filler throughout the doors and staining would not have worked on that. In addition different types of wood was used throughout the kitchen, also making staining impossible if I wanted it to look good. Oh, and there were about 10 layers of goop on each, so we got it down to the natural layer to have a more clean finish on our newly painted cabinets. Glad you like.

The Finneys said...

That's awesome! It looks great!! :D

Anonymous said...

It looks great, no wonder you're so exhausted! - HS

Anonymous said...

Now that is a make over – good job…you can really tell there was a ton of work that went on - Shan

Anonymous said...

That is really awesome, You should have your own show on HGTV.
I'm am very proud for you - Leon

Anonymous said...

wow....lots of work but looks fabulous. and I love how pretty your fiesta ware looks. great splash of color! - KD

Erin Marie said...

love it love love it!!!

Anonymous said...

yay! your fiestaware looks awesome! i like how you clustered the 3 canisters in the shelf opening...looks super cute :) love you!

Anonymous said...

oh...and the comment above was from me....robin :)

Mrs. McGoo said...

Thanks Rob - could NOT have done it without you!!! And the rest of the fam, eww wee! LOVE YOU!

BMS said...

Wow! Looks completely different and MUCH warmer!

Mary said...

It looks really great! You all did a fantastic job and I can't believe you did it all on one weekend. Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great McGoo! So happy for you cause I know it feels good to have it done! Congrats! - Reddin

Anonymous said...

Dang girl!
Great job. I'm sure the pictures don't even do it justice. It looks amazing! - Amanda

Anonymous said...

I hope you were wearing Pyramex safety eyewear and head protection.

Huge difference - great job! - DF

Brent said...

I think the last time that kitchen was scrubbed was when I cleaned kellys kitchen, because I feared for my friends life cooking in that area. Thank God for you Mrs. Mcgugan! Nice paint job!

steve said...

Looks great!!!!!!!!!!1

I feel like my work at the Mcgoo's was inferior compared to all the work you guys did inside.... all I have to show for my work at the Mcgoo's is an empty space in your yard!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I personally inspected the work yesterday and agree that great work was done. You guys have a very warm home. We felt at ease and comfortable, except when Dex was nuzzling my privates. uFrank

Mr. McGoo said...

Dex always has had an affinity for small treats.

karina said...

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