Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bermuda: First Thought, Wow!

I sit here on our Aunt and Uncle's beautiful veranda in Bermuda, feeling the comfortable breeze blow past me as the tree frogs call out in their chorus. The boats pass by the nearby water that's usually very visible from the place I sit, but instead the darkness of night only allows one to see their passing lights and the constant circular shine of the lighthouse. THIS is the definition of RELAXATION and BEAUTY.

The more I relax and calm my body, the more I continue to feel the rhythmic movement of the waves. The full day on the sailboat, has left my body reminiscing of the ocean's beat. I cannot wait to visit it again tomorrow. My tummy is full and satisfied after fresh tuna, fresh grown tomatoes and onions, and a delicious bed of rice. My thirst has been quenched with glasses of McGuigan chardonnay and a can of Heineken. I am on vacation!

I am reminded a bit that our relatives actually LIVE here. They work here, play here, and reside here... and abundantly open their home to us! I am in awe by the hospitality and so thankful for what we've experience in just 1.5 days because of their generosity! This place is beautiful!

Wow. I cannot help but think what an extremely different background to life this is than the background my hubby and I have at home. I can see why someone would come to stay indefinitely. It is still surreal to me that we're here... I cannot wait for tomorrow.


Poppie McGoo said...

It will be hard to leave the peaceful nature of the island. Hope ya'll are having a big time.

Frank Bryant said...

Jealous and envious. I am.

Have fun. Send pictures.

Jo-Anne said...

Enjoy yourselves, the view is awesome isn't it? See all the sights, there are lots to see.

Jolene said...

Don't they make the biggest sound ever? And if you ever see one, they are teeny!!! Enjoy!

Mary said...

The boys (all 3 of them!) have been catching them...and toads...and lizards!