Saturday, October 31, 2009


So to say that we've had a month plus worth of sickness in this home is an understatement.

In September, my hubby was diagnosed with the flu. Since that time, he has been unable to shake all the symptoms that came after the flu (aka. the COUGH). So this past Monday, my hubby finally went back to the doctor to see what gives... turns out, he has bronchitis. Thankfully they've given him some antibiotics to fight it and some cough syrup to help him sleep and settle the cough down. He's on his way to recovery.

And now there is me... I felt like poo last weekend, but was thankfully on the up and up once the end of the weekend arrived and was ready to tackle the work week. Unfortunately, I couldn't shake the puny feeling and some sinus cold like symptoms and cough. So to be safe, I made my way to the doctor Friday morning, looking to find out what was up... figuring they'd diagnose me with bronchitis like my man, or a sinus infection.

A finger prick, flu swab (which was HORRIBLE, sticking this long thin swab up both my nostrils almost hitting the back of my cranium, the nurse actually made me sit on my hands warning me it was miserable but necessary), and chest xray later... I was diagnosed with pneumonia. NOT WHAT I EXPECTED. So here I am, sitting home with my man... laying low and taking the antibiotics to combat the mess in my lungs and resting as much as possible.

Pretty sad huh, a family of McGoo's, one with bronchitis and one with pneumonia at the same time. Yuck. Sad day. I think we'll have to take a lesson out of this one and remind ourselves to take care, sleep well, and not push ourselves until we're completely healthy. As my hubby exemplifies, if you don't take care of it the first time, sickness will linger for more than a month. Yuck, we're working on getting healthy, one day at a time.

(picture was taken before we were both sick a few weeks ago)


Frank Bryant said...

Get your health back and let us know when you are coming to KC. As luck will have it, we will probably be sick then.

Mrs. B said...

ROTFL @ "back of my cranium!"

BMS said...

Oh YUCK! I didn't realize you guys were THAT SICK! Hope you feel better now! :)