Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kellyism - Back in Action

On Wednesday, my hubby came to the office and we shared lunch together. He was nice enough to stop by Tropical Smoothie and pick up some grub and a smoothie for me. Isn't he sweet? As we sat down together, I unfolded my wrap and grabbed the smoothie labeled: Kiwi Q.

Side note and background information: Kiwi Q. stands for my favorite smoothie of all, the Kiwi Quencher. Kelly and I often debate over who's smoothie is best, and my hubby has never liked the fact that I always seem to win this battle. Once I settled into the Kiwi Quencher selection, and realized its magnificent tastiness, I have never gone back. My hubby has struggled to find a smoothie to compare and has therefore made somewhat a stink about "mine is better" in many facets of our food lives.

Back to the story, I grabbed the Kiwi Q. smoothie and began to sip on my expected tastiness... a sip and a half into the smoothie, I shook my head and handed it back to my hubby saying, "they got my smoothie wrong, this isn't Kiwi Quencher, it has bannana in it."

To which, my ever childlike hubby responded, "DangIT! I didn't think you'd notice..."

So check this... my hubby ASKED the Tropical Smoothie girl to label the smoothies opposite. Can you imagine the look at that poor girl's face when he made this inquiry. "Are you sure?" Yes, he confirmed, label them wrong. So... in typical KELLYISM fashion, my hubby had her label MY kiwi quencher as Paradise Point, whereas the labeled Kiwi Q was really Paradise Point. Needless to say, I caught him and knew my favorite smoothie well enough to know the difference.

And thankfully, I was able to take the Paradise Point labeled smoothie and enjoy my Kiwi Quencher goodness. As payback, I made my man take this picture with the two wrongly labeled smoothies in hand, and that "I'm up to something" facial expression that I know all too well.


Brenton Kee said...

Haha! Nice try Kelly! I want a smoothie now...

Megan Denney said...

I'm sorry. Mango Magic is the king of all TS creations.

BMS said...

I would punch Ryan if he did that! LOL.