Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spring Chicken

I signed onto our shared Facebook account today and discovered our status read:

Apparently Heather thinks I need to be getting to bed earlier these days because as she put it, "You aren't a spring chicken anymore Mr. McGoo." ... ahh my lovely wife

ha ha. Hilarious.
I won't deny it. I told him that last night, while in bed.
It's TRUE. I want my man well rested and above all, HEALTHY... sleep will work towards that goal! ha ha. Funny stuff.


Cathy Brown said...

you just a winter chicken............. hope you guys are doing good

Frank Bryant said...

I thought the status update was a BFO.

Frank Bryant said...

(Blinding Flash of the Obvious)

Mrs. McGoo said...

ha ha. Thank you UFrank for the enlightenment on the meaning of "BFO". I was out of the loop on that one.

ha ha!!!