Monday, October 19, 2009

My Weekend In Pictures

With Kelly's grandparents (Grams & Grandaddy) in town and my sista, bro, and fur-niece visiting Saturday and Sunday, we had a family packed fun weekend. I think the best way to show off the good times is to do another "weekend in pictures". But before we start, I cracked up when I read this quote by an unknown author... had to share because it is the perfect quote for my family, but there are probably more than a "few" nuts. ha ha.

Families Are Like Fudge -
Mostly Sweet with a Few Nuts

First we enjoyed an evening of amazing eats at my Bro McGugan's house. He, my sis, Leah, beautiful niece, Grace, and fur-nieces Lady & Stormy opened the home up to us, Grams, Grandaddy, and Aunt Robbie for a most enjoyable time.

Below: Grams & Grace

Below: The good looking hosts: Kevin &Leah

Below: Grace with all smiles.

Below: Two hams that I know.

Below: If you only knew how many shots it took me to get this one out of them. They're hilarious together.

Below: Grandaddy and his sister, Aunt Robbie

Below: Grams & Grandaddy with their GREAT Granddaughter, Grace.

On Saturday, we hungout with the Wilson side of the family. Soaking up some quality time. Unfortunately, my hubby had to leave us around 5pm to tend to his U of Memphis responsibilities, we missed him but didn't neglect to have fun while he was away.

Below: Robin, youngest sis - Kelsey, and awesome bro in law - Brent.

Below: The happy couple, can't believe they've alreay been married a full year.

Below: Mom and her first born. She's the best.

Below: LOVE the look on Mom's face. Hilarious!

Below: No words.

Below: Freezing while we watch Kelsey (CBU) play. I love how Dad's looking at Mom on this one. ha ha.

Below: A caught this shot of the men before us ladies walked out the door to shop a few hours. They look comfy, don't they... one word: FOOTBALL.

Below: Uh yeah, the bro in law. Hilarious!

Below: The youngest Wilson girl and her man, Kyle.

Below: Aww... they're still newlyweds.

Below: Over 30 years of marriage here... and still in love. What an awesome example!!!

Below: Me and my date for the night. Taken after all the "couple" shots.

Below: Wilson Sisters - lunch after church. Robin (middle), Kelsey (youngest), and Me (oldest).

I'm very thankful and blessed with family!!!


Aunt Patty said...

Thanks for letting me peek into your life - congrats on a lovely family!! - say hi to robin and kelsey and everyone!!

BMS said...

I love that UM toboggan Heather! Jealous! :)