Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 Short of 30

This past Monday began another year my hubby can say he's married to a younger woman in her twenties... actually, he still has a couple more years worth of that to come. I'll always be younger, but not always in my twenties. Thankfully I'm not one that is too caught up with my age. I am what I am... it's just a birthday, no big deal which one we're celebrating... I rather celebrate someone else than myself, so it doesn't matter to me... ACTUALLY, when I'm fifty I want a big shindig, I'll be half a century at that point which is definitely worth celebrating. Right Mom? Dad? UFrank? All those 50 year olds+ out there??? ha ha.

To celebrate my birthday, my parents took me out to dinner Sunday night at one of the hubby and my favorite places: Buckley's. It was good food and even better company. I enjoyed spending time (as always) with my rents and we had some other folks join us. In addition to my amazing husband, my father in law joined us, as well as the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Jay Dawson. We had a good time. Here is a couples shots from the evening:

My fabulous rents with me, daughter #1. (Don't confuse that with the #1 Daughter, that's not me... I'm just Daughter #1, meaning I'm the first of three).

Here is one of the husband and wife to be (Nov 7th): Laura & Jay

And last but not least, me and my handsome man!

I forgot to get a picture of my father in law - sorry Larry... I'll have to hound him for a photo soon to post just to make up for the lack of picture capturing Sunday evening.

Of all the wonderful and generous gifts I've received for my birthday, my favorite item has to be my new MICROWAVE!!! Whoo hoo! Who would have thought that someone could be so excited to receive a new microwave, but look at her! She's a beauty!!! To truly understand why I could be so enthusiastic about a simple household appliance, you must understand what microwave this one replaced. I will call her, BIG BERTHA... she was old and faithful, still working, but she was BIG and she was BERTHA! She had one setting - NUKE, and was big enough that I could probably fit in it to fly to the moon. Big Bertha practically touched my cabinets while sitting on the counter. My new microwave gives me enough room underneath my cabinets to place a loaf of bread, a baked treat, or anything else I need to house on top of it. Big Bertha was dingy brown and black... my new microwave is beautiful and silver. Thanks Mom and Dad!

It was a splendid birthday and I was showered with love. I'm so very blessed!


Sharaze said...

So glad it was a happy birthdays!!

Mr. McGoo said...

Going to miss Bertha. She was older than Mrs. McGoo. And just as dependable.


Kelly said...

So who is the #1 daughter?!

Mrs. McGoo said...

Well, if you're friends with Lloyd andCindy Wilson on Facebook, Kelly, then their status would tell you that Kelsey is the #1 daughter. BUT, upon further investigation, you'll learn that Kelsey HACKED into Mom and Pop's page to put such a status into play. ha ha.

BMS said...

Looks like you had a great bday! I, too, love getting appliances or electrical things! For our first anniversary, I got a sewing machine!