Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good Intentions/Poor Follow Through

For the last four to five years (post collegiate, competitive, anything intense soccer), I have been a woman of good intentions, but poor follow through when it comes to working out.

I have always desired to workout or talked about how I would like to workout regularly, but the follow through has lacked tremendously. I start a week and stop for months, a start a few days and stop for month, over and over and over again.

So I'm pretty hesitant to make any comments about my "new" ambition to workout and get fit again, but I also thought, "hey it's something I'm experiencing and going through, might as well write about it". So here I am. I am AGAIN on the journey to get back into a workout routine.

Last week was the beginning of hopefully many weeks to come. Tuesday night I started it off with an hour aerobic session of kickboxing. And it kicked my butt!!! Whoa! I was fine breathing wise, but every part of my lower body hurt along the way. I did more jumping jacks in that session than I've probably done ever... and my feet hurt and my calves hurt, all the way down to my toes hurt. I felt like I got a workout, but it was totally different than a running workout or other aerobic things I'm used to. I liked it, but didn't love it. I felt silly for the most part, because I've never done it before. It'll take time to figure that one out.

Thursday night, I did another hour workout. I took a cycling class and loved it. I didn't hurt like with kickboxing during the act, just had some healthy burning sensations in my legs... and man I was breathing HARD at some points... sweating up a storm... It felt good. Like a good aerobic workout I'm used to. I really felt like I worked out after the fact.

Those were my two workouts during the week and the goal was and is to have a third sometime during the weekend, either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. It didn't happen this time... birthday festivities, coffee dates, football, visiting with friends, and church got in the way. I'm not complaining, I loved every bit of it. But I want to try to have a third workout done, on average during the weekends.

To continue my plan, I made my way to cycling class #2 last night. This time the burn was stronger than before... a good burn, but my body is definitely trying to get used to this whole "new endeavor". I'm liking it so far... hope my good intentions are not soon followed by poor follow through. 1 day at a time, right?

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