Monday, October 26, 2009

David Crowder Band

After being fully spoiled for my birthday already, I was additionally blessed with another gift late by my youngest sista this past week. Not only did she bring me these three GORGEOUS orangish gerber daisies shown in the picture to the left, but she also gave me the newest David Crowder Band cd, Church Music!

I tell ya what... I'm LOVIN this CD. Seriously. I know little to jack about music, but I'm digging this cd, and musicianship.

I read some reviews online after I feel in love with the cd in just a couple run thrus, and one review I really liked, so I thought I'd share:

N. Pierce (Southern Illinois) -
The real question that was rattling in my head as I removed the shrinkwrap of DC*B's latest full length was, "Is it possible for them to outdo 'A Collision'?" (Remedy was pretty good, but it shone [in my humble opinion] pale next to their previous 21 track masterwork.) I plugged the disc into my stereo... synthesizers and loops all over the place. My head began to bob involuntarily. I am absolutely blown away by what I am hearing. Distinctly Crowder, but the envelope has been pushed so far out I forget everything I know. Infectious, melodic, intelligent, danceable, epic, awe-inspiring, worship. Church. Music. I fumble for words to describe what David Crowder*Band has accomplished, not only musically, but thematically, philosophically and spiritually. This record is a grand statement to anyone within earshot: Open your mind and reconsider what church music can/should be. Crowder and company embrace pop music like a long lost friend, but lyrically they have, if anything, become even more bold and passionate about their love for Jesus. They seem particularly fond of dance, synthpop and electronica this time around, but there are plenty of crunchy guitars, groovy bass lines and electric violins. Standout tracks for me (and there are MANY) are 'Alleluia, Sing', 'The Nearness', 'Eastern Hymn', 'The Veil', 'We Are Loved', the reworked Flyleaf cover 'All Around Me', the incredibly moving 'How He Loves', the disco title track... I really could go on and on. There's no filler here, which makes Church Music actually more substantial than 'A Collision.' And maintaining that type of consistency for 74 minutes is an accomplishment that very few in any genre can boast. This is a landmark record in the history of Christian music, and a full view of the shape of things to come. I don't know how they did it, but my apprehensions about topping 'A Collision' have been allayed. Simply stunning. {Note: I pre-ordered this from their website and received a guitar pick, two stickers, a poster, and a nifty 80 page magazine devoted entirely to DC*B and the new record. Needless to say, I am doubly pleased.}

Check the CD out, I totally think it's worth it!

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I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)