Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flu Baby Flu

I've been home the last couple days taking care of my hubby... he's been diagnosed with the flu and as a "better safe than sorry" approach from my employer, I've been sent home to care for him and to NOT INFECT my coworkers.

I'm doing my best to cater to his needs, disinfect the house as best as I can to keep myself from getting sickly, and pushing drugs down his throat as often as possible to keep his symptoms from creeping up and bothering.

I asked my man how he was feeling this morning, wondering if he thought he was getting any better... to which he replied:

"I can never figure out if I'm feeling better because of the medication or because of the drugs."

Uhhh, what? He's obviously on meds... ha ha.
I guess only time will tell if this rest, rest, drugs, rest, liquids, rest, liquids, drugs, rest approach suggested by the nurse will help. GET WELL SOON, HONEY!!!


Tabitha Harder said...

GET BETTER SOON KELLY! You are a sweet wife to take of him Heather :)

BMS said...

Oh, I hope he feels better soon! And that YOU don't get it too!