Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last Year's Carpe Deal'em

Last Thanksgiving (2008), my husband and I had the pleasure of being invited into a Riser family tradition, Carpe Deal'em. Although I only participated in the sense of "journalistic" documentation (see blog post last year) and pointing out items in the circulars I wished my husband to hunt out during his time, I can't wait to do it again this year (next month).

Scotty B. documents the entire experience by way of video footage and then takes the time to put the footage into a watchable video. The Carpe Deal'em 2008 - Tell Me How My Deal Taste Videos have NOW been published!

These videos are quite extensive, so I know it can be a bit overwhelming. If you have the time, watch them all. Hilarious and gives you a big glimpse into this crazy awesome tradition. BUT, if you do not have the time to watch it all.... AT LEAST watch the introduction of Part 1. It will definitely leave you with a smile! Enjoy.

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Steve said...

love the videos... great blog!!!!!!!!