Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hi, my name is Mrs. McGoo,


Yup, that's me. The Hubcap Loser. You might be asking yourself, what is a "hubcap loser", well, my definition is this:
an individual that has lost more than five hubcaps in their lifetime. They are under the age of 28.
I surpass this requirement probably by five to ten hubcaps, easy. Seriously, every car I've owned has had at least one hubcap missing at one time or another. My Altima was the worst. I owned it from eighteen years old (2000) until 2003. The running joke was that I had a "ghetto" looking car, strictly due to the one or two hubcaps missing at what seemed like at all times. It was inevitable, I'd make my normal trip over to Hubcap Annie, grab a new hubcap, throw it back on the car and before I knew it weeks later another one was gone! What's up with that?!

And I KNOW what you're thinking, the same thing my brother in law said to me last night when I pulled up in my Camry with ANOTHER hubcap missing... I DO NOT HIT CURBS! Seriously, I do not ride curbs, hit curbs, or run into curbs. So that is NOT the reason this happens. It's just inevitable it seems, I'm a FREAK HUBCAP LOSER!

I know I had at least 3-5 hubcaps lost in the Altima days. I specifically remember one day driving on Hwy 78 to Starkville, MS when I heard a certain sound that I now recognize as a hubcap coming off and hitting the pavement, I looked back at my side and rear view mirror and there it was, my hubcap running away from me. Gone. I do not remember for certain if any hubcaps were lost during the 1987 Camry days (my first car) of my sixteens through eighteenth birthday. I know I lost at least one hubcap with my Saturn that was my car from 2003 to 2006. And now my current Camry has had at least three hubcap replacements since we got it. Obviously, Hubcap Annie has become a frequently visited establishment. Thank goodness it's just down the road from our home these days.

Crazy isn't it?
Hi, my name is Mrs. McGoo and I am Hubcap Loser.


Mr. McGoo said...

The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Erin Marie said...

I'm a HUBCAP LOSER tooo... :)

Anonymous said...

After replacing more hubcaps than I'd like to admit for our Camry, I began to notice the large number of "hubcapless" Camrys that are on the road in our area. (Camry is made in KY) I believe it's some type of conspiracy!