Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guest Blogger: R cubed

There are some moments in a relationship where you have to just stop and say to yourself, “Wow, he really loves me.” Some of those moments are very sweet and romantic, the kind of moments you have to tell all of your girlfriends about so they know how amazing your significant other is. This story is not about one of those moments.

One day my husband and I were in his car heading to dinner. He was driving (as always) and chatting on the phone while I was sitting in the passenger seat trying to make myself comfortable. I ended up putting my feet up on the dashboard and as we journeyed along I noticed a bug, a very small bug, but a bug none the less, flying around the car. In a wise and completely thought out instant I decided to crush the bug on the windshield with my foot. So I did.

And then, under my foot, the windshield cracked.

Even with all my bug crushing skills, I hadn’t taken into account that there was already a small ding in the windshield where this particular bug had landed. Basically, I felt like an idiot.

At this point, I was completely prepared for my husband to be annoyed with me for destroying his windshield or at least make fun of me for the rest of the evening, but he just laughed it off. And in that moment I thought, “Wow, he really loves me.”


Lloyd Wilson said...

An enjoyable read. And good to know that those foot skills from all that soccer can pay off in new and creative ways.

Mr. McGoo said...

"Wow he really loves me"


He's just keeping tabs on when to pull that card later down the road when he screws up.