Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The High Cost of Friendship

This morning before work, I read a great article regarding friendship, the cost of building relationships, and the way our technological society is taking us in the area. I wanted to share:

Mrs. McGoo has sent you a link to view this publication: RELEVANT - July/August 2009
Read it now at http://www.mygazines.com/issue/1243/29

After reading this, if you have any thoughts, feelings, or comments regarding it. I'd love to hear them in my comment section.

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Taylor B said...

This one provokes a lot of thought...I believe it is easier to maintain "virtual" relationships...I think technology has indeed affected relationships and interactions amongst friends...those online facades are so believable! It is harder these days to cultivate good & long lasting friendships. Was it ever easy? & I agree that "our time" is fleeting...passing.