Sunday, July 19, 2009


As the hubby and I talked about our Saturday activities and errands needing to be run, this conversation came into play...

Me: We need to eat first because if we wait to eat afterward, by then we'll bite each other's heads off.

My Hubby: I want to bite your head off already.

Me: Why?

My Hubby: Because you're you.

Me: You bought this ring and asked me to marry you because I'm me.

My Hubby: I was full then.


Laura said...

hahaha - I am cracking up! tummy hurts! I am sorry - but I can just picture Kelly saying that and the face that he probably had when he did. haha - that is just too good!

Mom said...

I hope your children are like you or your in big trouble :)

Brent said...

how did you find a way to make a hamburger and fries even more fattening? they look delicious though!