Monday, July 20, 2009

Something New: Happy Meal Desserts

After seeing these adorable burger desserts on my friend, Britt's blog, I was instantly interested in giving them a try one day. Brittany had made them for her husband on Father's Day and they turned out great. I just needed the right event to take them to and try my hand at the Betty Homemaker style presentation.

So the opportunity finally arrived this past week as my office has something called Fun Food Friday during the the months of June and July. We all split up into groups of five and when our team's day arrives, we supply our coworkers with breakfast and an afternoon snack. It was my team's turn to shine this past Friday and I was willing to do my best to make these burger desserts work. I went to the website that Britt referenced when she posted a blog about her burger desserts, and found out that Bakeralla not only did burgers, but she had a "how to" on making a full Happy Meal Dessert.

I was instantly hooked and determined to give it a whirl. So without further adieu, I'm pretty happy to say that my dessert presentation was a SUCCESS!

A quick shot of the burgers right after completion:

24 Happy Meal Desserts served:

Burgers = Cupcake bun + Brownie meat + Vanilla Icing mustard, ketchup, and lettuce.
French Fries = Sugar Cookies + Sugar salted

Proud "baker" after receiving many compliments on presentation, and even better, compliments on tastiness.

Getting proof of tastiness as model, Amanda shows the dessert actually being eaten.


Kelly said...

Looks cute!! Great job, Julie :)

Mrs. B said...

I LOVE it - epsecially Amanda taking a bite lol! I miss FFF. Mrs. McGoo is THE next Martha!!

BMS said...

LOVE! You did a great job! I was not in the mood to tackle the fries that day (too much baby to take care of), but I definitely want to do them next time.

Frank Bryant said...

You are a temptress. I want aTerri to make these soon!

Mrs. McGoo said...

The kids will LOVE them, UFrank.

Kelly said...

Kara got inspired by this post and made the burgers for Alyssa's whole 2nd grade class for her birthday. FYI :)