Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Still Got It

Last night a dear friend of mine sent me a text after work to inquire if I wanted to go have a drink with her later that evening. Considering that I had not spent any quality time with this gal in awhile, who is one of my favs and a buddy since were were playing sports together at the age of five, and that I had a very rough day at work, I jumped on the opportunity to get out of the house.

She invited my hubby too, but he knew my day had been rough and thought that I might benefit from some extra girl time, so he sent me on my way without him for the night. I'm so thankful for him making that decision for me, because I had a fantastic night with my girlfriend.

We went to a local bar around the corner from where we live, and made our way to our seats for some good conversation. We figured we'd stay for an hour or two and head back home. While we were there, we ran into two of our buddies. One was there with his girlfriend and a group of friends, and the other was out celebrating a big sale with his coworkers. We were able to visit with each of them for a bit and enjoy that addition to our night.

Before we realized it, three hours had passed and our one beverage turned into a few, along with a spinach artichoke dip with tortilla chips - yum, yum! Finally aware of the time, we asked to tab out and head on our way. That is when the bartender let us know that our tab had been taken care of by a gentleman that did not want to be named. "Uhhhhh, what?!"

Here we were, an "old" married woman and a girl committed to her boyfriend, and we just got our tab picked up after not speaking to another person in the bar minus our two buddies! What? We pressed the bartenders further to try to figure out who the "admirer" was, but the only information we were given was that he supposedly sat in a certain section. After being sure that the tab was truly picked up and that the bartender was taken care of tip wise, we scooted our way out as quickly as we could before the "admirer" changed his mind.

Once outside we cracked up in disbelief that our tab was picked up by an unknown gentleman, and then went to guessing as to who was the culprit and the generosity and sweetness of the gesture. Turns out it was one of the buddies we knew, and happened to be one of the gentlemen that is not currently dating someone, which blows my friend's mind. She made two comments throughout that night about that fact because she agrees with me that he's good looking, funny, and a fabulously great guy. Perfect example of his greatness and generosity is found in his act last night.

But regardless if it was a buddy or not, we still got it.

Oh, and to hit the point further, we were whistled at after we left the bar while we stopped to take a right hand turn on the way home. You know, the nice "hey good looking" sound whistle. Yup, still got it. ha ha


Erin Marie said...

Nice! I love it!

BMS said...

You go!
This is exactly why Ryan doesn't like to go to Beale St. with me. I always get inappropriately touched! LOL

Anonymous said...

party girl. uFrank

Mrs. McGoo said...

Oh yeah, you know me UFrank. ha ha