Tuesday, November 1, 2011

THANKFUL FOR a Relentless God

Can you believe that November is upon us? I'm not quite sure where October went, I think I blinked and missed most of it, but November is definitely here!

Considering how the Lord has blessed me beyond measure, I want to take the entire month to daily note something I am thankful for... starting with today.

I am thankful for a relentless God!
The Lord knows how my heart and mind becomes so easily distracted and misleading. He knows that when I'm left on my own, I am weary, wandering, and often going the wrong way. But He does not leave me. I do not have to do it on my own! He chases me... He comes after me relentlessly. I'm thankful for that!

We sang this song on Sunday and I cannot shake the words... the keep resonating in my heart and mind this week. Thank you Lord for your relentlessness!

What is something you're thankful for today?

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