Thursday, November 17, 2011


I've mentioned it in a previous thankful for post that I love and am thankful for my parents. This is still fact, but I think I need to more fully extend the thankfulness. I am thankful for my family!

God has blessed me abundantly with an amazing support system in this group of 5, now 7 individuals. Dad, Mom, Middle sis- Robin, Youngest sis- Kelsey, Hubs- Mr. McGoo, and Brother in Law- Brent. They are all fabulous in their own special way.

I look forward to family time whenever I can get it. They can be a crazy bunch at times, and be careful when you get the Wilson ladies laughing, we can't breath and the high pitched nature of the tones coming from us definitely increase... but the men folk in good fashion simply shake their heads and smirk or laugh with us.

It's time for some updated photos - I will have to work on that this December - but for now... here are some fun ones from 2006 forward.

Family Cruise - 2006
Family Cruise - 2006
Reba Concert Night - 2007
Hmmm... I think 2009 August Family Bday Celebration
July 2010 Family Vacation
And when I mention family, I cannot really stop at this group of 7... I am so blessed to have an amazing in-laws and extended family too! From grandparents to aunts to uncles to cousins and more on both my side and Mr. McGoo's... I grew up with tons of love and support. Now that I'm an "adult", I really enjoy spending time with these folks, even though the availability to do so is less frequent than we'd like.

I am thankful for my in-laws and extended family, too! Not everyone can say that - so I know I'm blessed!

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