Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today I had my first clinical rotation at the hospital. I was able to touch, feel, talk, assist, and work with my first patient. It was an eye opening experience. I still have lots to learn but I couldn't have asked for a better first patient.

Being at the hospital for 6 hours, reminded me how blessed I am for my health. There are many who are battling illness on a daily basis, and I am currently very healthy. I am thankful for my health! I do not want to take that/it for granted because it is not guaranteed.

Thank you Lord for being the healer you are! I pray for those I touched and saw Saturday. Comfort them, their families, and give the medical staff around them wisdom as they care for them. Amen.

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Robin Kee said...

congrats on your first clinical! exciting to be moving forward! :)