Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Convo between Mr. & Mrs. McGoo

My Hubby: "Am I the funniest guy you know?"

Me: "I think so."

My Hubby: "You think so?"

Me: "Yeah, well as far as I know you are. ha ha"

My Hubby: "Is that one of the reasons why you love me?"

Me: "Yes."

My Hubby: "What number is it?"

Me: "Huh?"

My Hubby: "Where does that line up in the reasons that you love me?"

Me: "#5"

My Hubby: "#5? What are the ones before that?"

Me: "1. Because the way you love me.
2. You're compassion/giving/etc
3. You love the Lord
4. You're handsome
5. You're the funniest guy I know"

My Hubby: "Me loving the Lord is #3???"

Me: "Okay, it probably is higher than that."

My Hubby: "Is that all you have 5 reasons?"

Me: "uhhh... yes."

My Hubby: "That's it?"

Me: "You're such a woman."

My Hubby: "ha ha ha. Sorry, I just had to do that. See, #6 should be that I give you more blog material than you know what to do with."

ahhhh, Kellyisms. :)

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Anonymous said...

aTerri says that #6 on her list is that I can sometimes be like that guy, Kelly. uFrank