Monday, June 1, 2009

2009: Year of the Baby (for my friends)

I'm beginning to believe that 2009 is THE YEAR OF THE BABY (for my friends)! Seriously craziness with how many folks in my world have had babies already this year or are expecting them to be born by September .

As of today, there are 7 folks in my immediate social realm (work, Sunday School class, or good friend) that have had their babies this year, one of those folks had twins so that is seven babies so far. In addition, there are 7 more ladies looking forward to meeting their babies before the end of September.

If you didn't catch that, it adds up to 15 new children in my immediate social network from January 2009 to September/October 2009. What?! And what if some folks haven't announced their pregnancy yet, waiting for the first term to end, we could have more babies coming before the end of 09! My friends have been busy!!! And it's keeping the social calendar busy with baby showers too!

Speaking of baby showers, below is a great photo of one of the showers we've had recently. The hostesses are posing with the honoree, Meredith (who we're all pointing to). Good times!

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BMS said...

It is that time in your life! First its weddings, then its babies! :)