Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Finale

Your 2009 American Idol

In my opinion, last night was by far the best American Idol finale EVER! Man that was eventful and fully entertaining! From the exquisite list of performers that played with the top 13 AI contestants, to the awards ceremonies for best male, best female, and best attitude, to the final result... WOW, what a show!

Everywhere I go this morning, folks are talking about American Idol. It started with the TODAY show this am, then moved to the statuses all over Facebook, to the morning radio station I listen to on the way to the office, and then as soon as I walked into work - American Idol was on the lips of all my coworkers. This show made an impact on everyone it seems. Over 100 million votes cast to determine this year's AI winner, and I was not disappointed with the outcome. Wow! Seriously, I think regardless if Adam or Kris had won, I would have still been very impressed with this years finale, and still fully entertained. Congrats Kris.

The performances were fabulous. Danny Gokey with Lionel Richie - SWEET! Queen - Adam could totally be their "new" lead singer! Adam with KISS - could it fit any better?! Carlos Santana with the whole Top 13 crowd - I like! Steve Martin debuting a song he wrote while jamming on the banjo with Michael and Megan - surprising I enjoyed that. Lil with Queen Latifah... Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, the list goes on and on. Talk about an intense lineup. The live crowd was definitely entertained and I'm glad I got to see it!

Even with all these amazing appearances, the highlight of the entire night, though, had to be the entire interaction of the "binki girl". Hilarious... from the moment Ryan announced her to the point that Kara sheepishly ran off stage to once again get fully dressed, I was cracking up. Obviously the chick got some boob enhancements over the last few months, no once could deny that, and I loved how Ryan did not stray from comically making a point that he noticed too! And the look on that girls face when Kara came from behind and OUT SANG her! Wow Kara has a voice! You could see the binki girls face fuming from the surprise of Kara stealing the stage, as she attempted to sing over her again and AI finally cut her mic. ha ha! Loved it!

Ps. I was sort of in heaven last night when Kris Allen played with Keith Urban. Hubba Hubba! I love me some Keith Urban, ask my hubby. And I swear I had that little 12 year old girlie smile on my face the moment they announced that Kris Allen and Keith Urban were playing together. Very nice. ;)

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Elian said...

The Allen Urban combo was killer. They were great together.

You forgot about a drunk Rod Stewart stumbling all over the stage.