Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AI Elimination Bracket Standings - 10

Top 3 becomes Final 2 TONIGHT!

After an intense battle Tuesday night, Adam, Kris, and Danny had to sit through the excruciating, drawn out dramatics of Ryan Seacrest to find out who would stay and who would go tonight. I first want to give MY take on the songs and performances that unfolded Tuesday night. I LOVED Kris Allen's performances. Both of them! I definitely enjoyed "Apologize" even though it was a similar version of the original, but I LOVED his second performance of "Heartless". Wow. I'd buy a cd from this guy. In addition, I really enjoyed the beautiful rendition of "You are So Beautiful" by Danny Gokey. That raspy voice and those beautiful words put into a great format - ewww la la! It was fabulous! I always enjoy watching Danny perform, but I can admit that his "Dance Little Sister" performance wasn't to die for. I still smiled throughout it, though. :) I would buy a Danny Gokey cd.

And there is Adam Lambert. Okay, seriously, I completely believe this guy has a talent and is capable of much,... he'll make albums and have people that buy them. HOWEVER... I can't handle the screeching and the tongue sticking out while he screeches. Seriously. Way over done, and I often tune out halfway through his performances. Too theatrical and over the top and screechy for me. I would NOT purchase a Adam Lambert cd.

Now that is off my chest, let me get back to what America decided. P.S. I voted once for Kris last night, and once for Danny.

After all the votes: Unfortunately,
Danny Gokey leaves the competition!


So with these new results, that sums our competition up. There are NO MORE POINTS AVAILABLE TO ANYONE. No one has Adam labeled the winner OR Kris! Therefore the standings below are the FINAL standings.

Updated Standings:
  • Ashley C - 110 pts
  • Mr. McGoo - 106 pts
  • Kelly L - 105 pts
  • Steve R - 104 pts
  • Nicole T - 97 pts
  • Candace B -95 pts
  • Laura R - 91 pts
  • Erin Marie - 73 pts
  • Katy B - 73 pts

It looks like a Louisville girl beat a Kentucky boy this go around. When I told Mr. McGoo the news he said, "Guess I'll catch some Cardinals while in KY and fry some up for our winner's provided meal". I don't think he's ever made that before, so that will be a first and should be rather interesting.

Thanks everyone for playing! I'm looking forward to the finale.


The Thompsons said...

I totally agree on your take of this weeks AI. I can't handle Adam. I believe he has talent but I don't enjoy him at all! Congrats Ashley!!

Mr. McGoo said...

I've got me two plump birds ready to grill

Lisa Marie said...

Dangit! I should have played. I've had Adam winning from the start. But who knows...all the little tweenie girls have the crush going on it may be him!

Candace said...

I hate to see Danny go... He was my predicted winner and though I like Kris for his originality at times, Danny is still WAY better than Adam in my book! He'll definitely be selling records and I'll definitely be buying them :)