Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May - Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries...

So May is a PACKED month for the McGoo's involving Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries. I'll list what my day planner looks like according to those items and will star the ones that are not immediate family involvement, just to give an idea about what I mean by "packed".
  • My Mom's Birthday - May 3
  • Joe's Birthday (Kelly's brother) - May 3
  • *Meredith's Birthday - May 5
  • My Parent's Anniversary - May 5
  • Al's Birthday (Kelly's Step-Dad) - May 7
  • Laurie's Birthday (Kelly's Mom) - May 9
  • Jessica's Birthday (Kelly's Sister) - May 10
  • Mother's Day (our mom's and grandmom's) - May 10
  • *Janna & Scott Maxwell's Anniversary - May 13
  • *Mike & Tabitha Harder's Anniversary - May 17
  • Memorial Day - May 25
We buy lots of cards in May. Oh, and just for kicks and giggles, we'll throw in the items that are not every year but fall into May presently.
  • + 2 Baby Showers
  • + 1 Going Away Party
  • + 1 Annual Company Picnic
This weekend we celebrated my Mom's birthday. On Sunday some of the fam got together for dinner at the Kooky Canuck where we ate and ate and ate for Mom's birthday dinner. We had a good.

Below are a few shots from dinner. The first one is of Mom & Dad. Dad is doing his best impressions of Mom's typical tilt the head pose. I think he pulled it off quite well. ha

Mom is working on getting Fiesta Ware as her new dish collection. She's super excited about them all - 12 new place settings heading her way between her birthday, anniversary, and Mother's Day. Happy Birthday Mom!!! Love you!


Mr. McGoo said...

Might want to check your dates on when Memorial Day is. I can promise you it's not the 15th

Mrs. McGoo said...

typing error. Thanks honey, 2 & 1 on the keypad is close to one another.