Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pup Updates: Photos

For Christmas my hubby got an updated, longer lens for our Canon camera. We haven't played with it too much, mostly because we haven't stopped long enough to do so. While my hubby is out of town, I decided to piddle with the lens a bit this evening. It's zooms MUCH further than our other lens and my desire is to find some good "action" shots with my pups playing together. Too often, I'm too far away from them as I'm trying to get some good shots.

Needless to say, I know hardly anything technical about this lens, or the camera really. I can only imagine the beautiful nature of the pictures this camera could take if I actually knew the functionality of it. Already just by point and shoot, I get some "good" shots. Can't wait to see what happens when me and the hubby really study and learn about it.

So here are my favorite photos I got this evening. I was standing quite far away from them on all these shots, and trying out the zoom feature. Our pups are getting so big, especially that Dexter Doo, currently a little over a year old. After I did the photo shoot, with the help of my littlest sis, we washed those fur babies, so they are smelling mighty nice tonight. Enjoy.


Mr. McGoo said...

I love em.

Mrs. McGoo said...


Janna Leigh said...

Great pictures:)

BMS said...

Great pics of the fur-babies! Dexter is such a big handsome guy now!