Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AI Elimination Bracket Standings - 8

Wow! America put Adam in the bottom two! I think I have to agree with that in the sense of my belief that he does the same type thing every time. That screeching. Don't get me wrong, I think he's super talented. But I also think he's too Broadway like, and screeches too often. I was just pumped that Kris and Danny - who I voted twice for each last night, made it through safely.

This week was hard... someone has to go and I thought all 5 contestants rocked it out last night. So... Matt Giraud says goodbye tonight.

This week each person chosen correctly is worth 4 points each. Ashley and Riser had the highest points this week, tied at 12 points each, choosing three out of the Top 4 correctly. Congrats. And boy do we have some shuffling in the standings this week...

Updated Standings:
  • Ashley C - 100 points
  • Steve R - 99 points
  • Mr. McGoo - 96 points
  • Nicole T - 92 points
  • Kelly L - 90 points
  • Candace B -90 points
  • Laura R - 81 points
  • Erin Marie - 68 points
  • Katy B - 68 points
Next week theme: Rock 'n Roll


steve said...

Funny I'm doing so well. Beating Mr. Mcgoo a self proclaimed American Idol expert. I guess it just goes to show those who know nothing sometimes know more than you think. Amazing what you can do when you copy someone's picks and just switch a few around!!!! Paybacks are hell Mrs. Cox....or shall I say Mrs. Caboose!!!!!

Mr. McGoo said...

Self proclaimed expert?!?! Are you kidding me? I'd say the self proclaimed expert should be the future Mrs Joseph. Then again, being able to sing doesn't necessarily make you a good judge of talent. ;)

Candace said...

I'll say this once. America does NOT know true talent when they hear it! I can't believe I made picks based on MY expertise and the loser who simply rearranged an unnamed person's list is winning this bracket. You gotta be kidden me people ;)

Mr. McGoo said...

I hear Paula and Simon may be leaving AI. Maybe C could take their position since she knows talent and 45 million other people don't.


Candace said...

Mm hm... you're preachin it now ;)

Erin Marie said...

I'm not so sure you should be so proud of your victory. My victory over your NCAA bracket was SO MUCH SWEETER!!! Steve..honestly I have nothing to lose:
Reasons why this is not a payback:
1. I've never said i was expert on American Idol (unlike you..a self-proclaimed walking sports encyclopedia :)
2. I'm not an avid Idol watcher, I have seen it twice.. maybe..unlike you with the NCAA tournament.. you watch EVERY ball game there is..
3. We didn't have a BET with IDOL..
So, if you are asking do I feel that this is payback? One word or two word answer?: I will use two words: "Hell No".

Steve- My victory was so much sweeter.. I enjoyed watching you squirm every week as i continued to dominate you in the standings! And may I add, from the VERY BEGINNING!! :) :)