Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sister Getting Married, Things to Do

My little sis - the middle one - Robin is getting married Saturday. I ended up taking off tomorrow and Friday to get there early for the big day and spend some time with my sis. She's getting married in Nashville, so Mom, Dad, and I are making our way there tomorrow. The hubby and littlest sis will come Friday after they finish classes.

I have to be at my rent's house by 9am. That means I have to leave my house by 8:30am. I need to pack all of my things - try to remember everything I'm supposed to bring - STOP - speaking of... I'm headed to my bookshelf RIGHT NOW to grab Redeeming Love - Okay. I'm back. I actually did two things while I was up, grabbed Redeeming Love and also the camera battery I was charging since it has completed its charge. I grabbed Redeeming Love because that is the book Robin will read during some of their down time at the honeymoon. It's the same book I read at my honeymoon. VERY GOOD BOOK - I definitely suggest it to all the ladies.

So where was I... Oh yes, I need to pack all of the things I need for the wedding weekend, run the vacuum so our friend Chris who will be dog sitting/house sitting this weekend will have less dog hair to deal with in the house, take a shower and shave my legs, fold the clothes in the other room, and eat my dinner.

So what am I doing? Sitting on the couch, watching HDtv - yep that again, and posting a blog. Priorities, right? I'm spent. I don't know what it is. Work has been SLAMMED this week. We've had four sales folks out this week and a crazy amount of orders to keep us busy, and then today I got a manicure with mom after work, ran back to the house to feed the dogs and let them pee, then out to the kickball field to play in our league, back to the house to edit Kelly's paper due tomorrow, and now sitting here waiting on Kelly to bring my dinner (10:15pm it is) to the house. I'm ready for bed! I guess I'm just going to have to wake up at my normal time and jump on the ball in the morning. That's going to be BUSY and probably isn't the smartest way to go, but I'm really REALLY unmotivated to complete any of those tasks tonight. I think my dogs have it right...they are laying down on their sides, totally sprawled out on the floor, chillin. I think I'll follow suit.

Now back to my point - I came to post to say that I probably wouldn't post again until next week. Robin is getting married on Saturday and as the Matron of Honor (wow that makes me sound old), I'm headed to Nashville to help her with any odds and ins, and all the wedding festivities that come. I'm excited!

Above photo of the Bride & Groom To Be: Robin and Brent

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