Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Proud Momma

Whoo - Today has been a long day. I'm sitting here past 11 o'clock listening to my second load (I meant to do it all today) of laundry spin its way in the washer. Exhausted, I'm still up because I feel bad for keeping the dogs here most of the day by themselves - on a weekend when we should spend time together. I'm hoping some extra time awake will allow them to go to and fro a bit or play outside (like they are now) to expel a bit more energy before night night. Plus, the hubby is watching more football and catching up on his Internet sports news.

I said today has been a long day, but I don't want to forget to mention that it's been a great day too. We've been up and running, but have been able to see lots of things and do some new stuff too.

Our day began with a new adventure. We took Dexter (pictured above - this was from July, so he's bigger these days but this picture was too endearing not to post) to Dog Woods this morning. Dog Woods is a training facility for dogs. We went to the "Beginners" class this morning. Our first week of 6 weeks. At first I was a bit intimidated by the thought. I'm not sure why, maybe because Kelly made it sounds "worse" or different than it really was, and because I wasn't sure how Dexter would do. We haven't put him around many other dogs, besides Kodi and his occasional visits with his sister Maeby. Or because Dexter listens to Kelly well, but often struggles with taking me seriously. The only thing we can guess is, it's my voice (higher pitched) and he maybe views me as Momma that likes to play with him too. Anyway, regardless of the reason, I was a bit unsure about the whole thing, but knew I wanted to be the one doing the class with him. I knew I needed some of the training just as much as my puppy.

The class we are taking, Beginners, hopes to accomplish this: "Any dog more than four months old is eligible to enter this 6 week course. We will be covering basic obedience commands along with instructions on how to correct behavior problems." After our one hour experience, I can say, I am a proud momma and am looking forward to next week! Dexter was one of the best pups in the bunch. He did so well! We discussed and worked on walking without Dex pulling on the leash, sit/stay, name recognition, and how to correct bad behavior. I'm pumped and ready to work more with him this week. He did fabulous. He's one smart pup, and I have more confidence in him and in myself after today.

Following all of that, we had a little time at the house to clean a bit, then went to Kelsey's soccer game. Kelsey (littest sis) plays for CBU, we watched them play for a half against Rhodes. I hear they came out with the 2-1 victory. GO BUCS!

After soccer, we scooted quickly to Olive Branch to visit with Larry - my father in law (NOTE: someone just made the blog for the first time!!! Hint, hint), my brother in law - Kevin, Leah - my sister in law, and Grace - my niece. It was great to catch up with them all. We sat at Buffalo Wild Wings for almost three hours, enjoying each others' company. Pictured to the right is a photo of Grace and Larry.

Our next task was supposed to be something simple, we stopped by to get Kelly's car an oil change... turned out it needed a bit more than that, so 45 minutes later we headed home. There we let out the dogs, fed them dinner, grabbed quick showers and headed out the door again to eat at Mom and Dad's. Dinner was good, but the company was better. We visited with Mom, Dad, Robin (middle sis) & Brent (Robin's Fiance - getting married in 2 weeks!!!!) and their/our buddy Michael. We got home after 1030 and here I am. I'm ready for bed, past 11:30 now, goodnight.


babynicole77 said...

be warned: jackson went to dog woods and won 1st place in his class. he did such a good job. i don't know when the last time you saw him was but he's an idiot.
no, seriously~ he peed on the side of our couch this morning, the barstools last week and i won't even get started on what he did when he got into the garbage.
so much for 1st place.
i still have the trophy. whatever you do, don't give up on the training after the class is over like we did. it's something that really does work~ as long as you continue to as well.

Anonymous said...

i made the verbal vomit post. yea haw

Kel said...

Kodi took dogwoods and turned out fine. Maybe it's just bad follow up training in the Covey house... :P