Friday, September 5, 2008

A "Happy" and A Mother/Daughter Convo

My momma gave me a happy today. It made me smile.

So typically Mom, she called me last night. I was "down" stairs working on stripping one of my cabinets - more details on that later - so I missed her call.

Once I finished what I was working on, I went to check the voicemail."Hey, It's Mom. I bought you something. I'll leave it at the house for you. That's all I'm telling you. Bye."

ha. Loved it. So I texted mom back: "Sorry I missed your call, you're so cute. :) Love you."

I knew I wouldn't have a chance to stop by mom & dad's house until around lunch time, but mom and I communicated before then.

I sent out an email bragging about my middle sis. Telling everyone in the family and a few friends that Robin had updated her wedding website blog,

Mom quickly replied to me stating, "I'll have to look at it at home :("

Her work has blocked lots of websites, so she can rarely see anything I send her.

In response to mom's email, I wrote: "Just ask me to send it to you. Don't guilt me into it. :) ha ha I'll copy Connie too, I'm sure she'd want to read. Hi Connie. :) Heather" And I copied the text of Robin's blog into the body of the email for her and her coworker to read.

Of course, mom was quick to rebuttal my remark, saying, "Cute. Fyi: Connie is off today. The hussy. I had Sherrie read the blog and she says Hey whatever works and laughed... Oh and don't be so testy, I know it's Friday, but I can keep your gift :)"

I loved it. Mom's hilarious.

To which I replied, "ha. I had forgotten about the gift. he he. :) I'm not being testy, I'm being blunt like my momma. There IS a difference, right? :)"

I love my mom.

So I went to my rents during lunch, and there sitting on the bar, waiting for me was a small pot of my favorite flowers. Bright and yellow, the gerber daisies were smiling at me! I loved it. Put an instant smile on my face. Thanks mom for giving me such a good HAPPY on a Friday! Awesome.

My gerbers are pictured to the right. My camera phone didn't take too poor of a shot. I like how I accidentally got the matching green "H" for Heather in the shot too. Boy, am I good.

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