Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congrats Brent & Robin!


It's kind of hard to believe... but I'm so excited about it. My middle sis, Robin got married this weekend. This weekend we welcomed Brent into the family. We're so pumped to add another male to the bunch. I know dad is enjoying the addition of testosterone into this usual estrogen land that he lives.

The wedding was beautiful! I went up to NashVegas with mom and dad on Thursday to help Robin get ready for the big day. We sorted out some stuff Thursday night and Friday morning we took care of some additional loose ends. By Friday evening, Kelly and Kelsey joined us and we had the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner. Saturday was the big day and Robin couldn't have been a better looking bride.

I were blessed to be a part of Robin & Brent's big day. You could say that I was a very proud big sister on Saturday.

Below are some pictures from the weekend:

Family picture before the weekend truly began: Brent, Robin, and baby Maeby.

Robin and Dad during the Rehearsal, just a day away!

The usual suspects at the Rehearsal Dinner: Brent, Kelsey, & Robin.

My favorite pictures from the hair salon. Robin (the bride) in the middle surrounded by her bridesmaids, soloist, and mother - ready to do her hair.

The Matron of Honor (me) and Maid of Honor (Kelsey) beating up our new brother.
Love jumping pictures!
I love this man!

Me and the beautiful and exquisite bride

So I'll stop there, I could go on for days with some of our good pictures. Between Kelly and myself, we took home 545 pictures. I actually had to delete pictures during the reception to get more room on the memory card to continue taking them the rest of the evening. Great wedding, great reception, good food, good dancing, great weekend.

Love you Robin, welcome to the family Brent!

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Britt said...

Yay for Sisos getting married!
I love the jumping picture and I EXTRA love her retro VEIL!!! More pictures!