Friday, September 19, 2008

Truly Pathetic This Time

It's beyond official now. I'm truly pathetic!!!

I'm in pain because of KICKBALL (yes, Kelly and I are in an adult kickball league. It's great, we love it) and BOWLING of all things!

wow. I'm OUT OF SHAPE! I am now the definition of out of shape. I better start stretching again.

Stretch before and after Wednesday night kickball. I'm the pitcher, so I squat most of the game to pitch the nice, no bouncy, ball. Kelly says I'm making excuses. I say, switch positions with me for a night and we'll talk. I love pitcher, but I feel it every Thursday morning.

And then there is the company bowling league I've talked about before... I should probably start stretching before and after that activity too... I didn't last night, and here we are Friday morning - OUCH!

Both activities are SUPER fun, but you pay for your fun sometimes, don't ya?


Kel said...

No comment.

You're still in your 20's correct?

Mrs. McGoo said...

1. I thought you said NO COMMENT.
2. Yes, I am still in my MID 20's, that's why I'm calling myself pathetic.
3. :-P