Thursday, November 25, 2010

Carpe Deal'em 2010 Preview

A tradition that has been long standing in the Riser family for years, Mr. McGoo was invited to join the Carpe Deal'em brotherhood in 2008. Completing his first official Carpe Deal'em in 2008, his position as a brother was solidified and set into motion. Unfortunately in 2009, due to the ill health of my grandmother, we skipped Carpe Deal'em in KY and instead did our best to step up to the plate and put together Carpe Deal'em 2009: Kansas City Version. Although successful in finding deals, the trueness of Carpe Deal'em was not fully established as Mr. McGoo had his wife, father in law, and uncle in law as his side-kicks (all newbies to the Black Friday madness) rather than the seasoned pro's of the Riser family.

We are more than excited to jump back into the game for Carpe Deal'em 2010 - and I bet the KC family and my immediate family are happy to have their regularly sleeping patterns for Black Friday back. I look forward to updating you on the loot that is brought home by the brotherhood.

Until then, catch up on the Carpe Deal'ems of past, and if you haven't heard of this before, you DEFINITELY want to check out the history... links below...



Frank Bryant said...

We are bringing Carpe Dealem into the present this year. The Legends opens at 10. Walmart at midnight. -T, -L, and uFrank will perfect the evolution and be in bed by 1 AM.

Frank Bryant said...

Well we were in bed by 1:00, but that was after escaping a mob of rabid Wally World shoppers. From now on, we leave Carpe Dealem to the professionals. We are done. Our story of survival will show up in a future blog.