Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Carpe Deal'em 2010

As mentioned in the preview here, Mr. McGoo and I have been a part of a Riser family tradition called Carpe Deal'em since 2008. If you haven't heard of it before, definitely take the time to check out my 2010 Preview Post because I link you to the HISTORY OF CARPE DEAL'EM and go into more details as needed.

Having missed last year with the Riser family out of necessity, we were eager to get back in the saddle and Seize the Deal. This is how 2010 Carpe Deal'em went down....

First... the entire family, ladies and gents devour the circulars on Thursday night (Thanksgiving night). Checking out each store's offerings, door busters, and advertised deals. Looking for any deals that cannot be passed up in general or for deals on specific items on our Christmas list for others. We make a list for each store... Kohl's - get this item at this price, this many, and this item at this price; JC Penny's - get this and that and this.... etc. Working to prepare the men for the hunt.

The Circulars- where most deals are found and plotted accordingly

The alarm sounded (thankfully I continued to sleep once Mr. McGoo left the room) at 2:15am and the men departed around 2:40 arriving at their first store location (Kohl's) by 3am out by 3:09am. Each person has their specific job: 1 driver, 1 line holder, and 2 runners... voila. It truly is a fine art to this madness as UFrank learned in his Carpe Defeat'em experience. 

These men have perfected this art. They hit 18 stores in 7.5 hours this year... below are a few photos of the guys once they came back home with their loot and more than ready for a long nap.

Showing off the Loot

The Carpe Deal'em Brotherhood: JR, Steve, Scotty B, and Mr. McGoo (aka McGrubin)

Carpe Deal'em 2010 Slogan: Why? Because the Rent is Too Damn High

What it looks like to go to bed at 12am, waking up at 2:15am, leaving the house by 240am, arriving at the first store at 3am, and visiting 18 stores in 7.5 hours before arriving home.

I was unaware of the origin of the Carpe Deal'em 2010 Slogan - "Why? Because the Rent is Too Damn High!" If you too are unfamiliar... let me explain - this year in the Mayor of New York elections a man ran a campaign and even created his own party called "because the rent is too damn high" - he even sat in on a mayor election debate as seen here and let you know why he was running and why you should elect him. Needless to say, Scotty B couldn't resist when creating the Carpe Deal'em 2010 t-shirts and slogan.

Carpe Deal'em 2010
Me and My Handsome Man


steve said...

Great post Heather. A super summary of a great family tradition!!!

Ron said...

Awesome Job Heather. We enjoyed having you and McGrubin with us again and look forward to next year. I am awaiting the arrival of some good video editing software and will surely get the video done ASAP. FOR THE GLORY OF THE DEAL!!!!

-scotty b