Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful: For Many & Much

On my way to work today, I found myself being thankful and grateful for my daily ease of transportation. I have my own car that I'm able to jump into at any time and get to where I need to be, even if it does not have a hubcap on the front left tire. What a blessing I often take for granted!

My JOB and the PAYCHECK it regularly provides!
Especially this year and last (with the unemployment rate increasing regularly), I am extra thankful for my place of employment and the steady paycheck it provides for me and Mr. McGoo. Not only is this place a blessing for it's provision, but it is full of people that love, support, and care about me beyond how much of a rock star I am at my job (of course, they like that I do a good job too)!

The NATURAL BEAUTY surrounding us!
Even in Memphis there is a natural beauty all around us that God has so graciously provided. I love the changing of the leaves this time of year and stopped today to be thankful for them. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where we work with the street children ministry - Onesimus through The Forsaken Children, I remember how little grass and greenery I saw throughout our week there this summer. The children at the drop-in center played on cobble stone and concrete, rather than the plush earth. Even when we went over an hour away from the city to reach a "park", the ground was simply dirt. I'm so guilty of taking so many things for granted - today I'm thankful for the natural beauty surrounding me.

Yes, I'm a dork, if there was ever a doubt. I'm thankful for new books (this one is borrowed and is my read for our Thanksgiving journey). But I love the smell of a new book and thoroughly enjoy reading. It's hard to do much of it these days, minus my school necessities, but when I get a chance - pass the book my way!


Laura said...

i've always wanted to read that book! maybe in 2011....

Mrs. McGoo said...

It was GREAT. Read it in 2 days while in KY.