Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bathroom Update

In 2007, right before our wedding day, my folks and middle sis awesomely blessed Mr. McGoo and I by painting and decorating our bathroom (we only have one). We had already received our bathroom decor from wedding gifts - new shower curtain, rug, toilet seat cover, toothbrush holder, soap dish, etc - and my family went straight to work so that we'd have a newly painted and decorated bathroom to greet us post honeymoon. It was beautiful when we arrived and has had their touch left on it for almost four years.

A few months ago, however, we found a leak in our pipe that ran from the sink, under the bathroom vanity. Who knows how long it had been that way, but it was long enough to dry rot and break the flooring/bottom of our wood vanity. Thankfully we discovered this a month prior to my birthday and I was blessed with a birthday present that replaced our vanity.

Due to the busy nature of the McGoo life, it has taken a few months for us to get the old vanity demo'd and the new vanity inserted. But it has happened and with a new look already begun, we took advantage of the timing and did a few additional tasks:

  • fresh paint on the trim - upper and lower
  • fresh paint on the main door and closet door
  • fresh paint on the window
  • plaster repair on the walls and then added a fresh coat of paint where needed
  • hung some floating shelves
  • replaced the toilet seat with new
  • spray painted our towel rack, towel hangers, and knobs to match

Here is the before:


Here is the after:

We ran into a little kink in the floating shelves process. Having an older house and plaster walls creates a non flat surface, therefore the shelves definitely need a little extra anchoring on them in order to hold any weight. Mr. McGoo and his dad (who came in town last night for Thanksgiving - it was GREAT to see him, even if only for a short moment before we head out to Kentucky today after work) are going to complete this part of the task, plus hang the mirror today.

So additional FINISHED product shots will come at a late date. Happy Day -Bathroom Update Complete -for the most part!