Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Other Woman

For the past three or so years, I have readily competed with the other woman for my husband's attention during the months of August through February. For three years or more, I have been as patient, understanding, and non jealous as any woman can possibly be. Unlike many women, I understood that the other woman brought Mr. McGoo joy, challenges, entertainment, and maybe even some things I couldn't understand on my own. With this in mind, I would wait as long as I could stand it to not interfere. However, most nights I'd finally say, "honey, can you please give up the other woman for awhile and hangout with your wife?"

This year has been different, however. The other woman has not come into play at all. I have not once felt as if I was put on the back burner for the other woman, or I couldn't get my husband's attention from the other woman. No, this year, something is different, and my husband is probably a little bit different too. 

It might have something to do with our time, as we've been busier than we've ever been this year. It could also do a little to the fact that I'm away from the house Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings until 8pm or later due to school. But ultimately, I believe it does mostly with the changes I've seen in my mate since our trip to Ethiopia this summer. Life is a bit more in perspective and what really matters is more in focus. Therefore, the other woman, although still entertaining, a great interest, and a part of our lives, is no longer at the forefront of things to do. It's been a refreshing change for me, maybe even for Mr. McGoo too.

Maybe it means I won't have to call it the other woman anymore, maybe it'll be just what it is from now on - oh by the way, the other woman is fantasy football. 

And the Living Legends are still bringin' it.

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