Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful: For Education

Although it can be the source of some of the McGoo household stress, we are so thankful for education and especially for the current opportunities we have in regards to our educational advancement. We are thankful for how the Lord has provided and continues to provide for Mr. McGoo's schooling. So thankful that I'm having an opportunity to go back to school for a second degree and new career pursuit (nursing) in the future. So thankful for God's provision along the way. I'm reminded today that around the world and even in America many people yearn for a chance to go to school... A chance to financially be able to go to school... A chance that their gender or class would not keep them away from schooling... Hoping for a better future and opportunity to be further educated... I'm reminded today how thankful I am for school and the doors it opens. We are blessed.
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