Monday, November 8, 2010

5am Alarm

The alarm went off at 5am... thankfully because of the time change (fall back) on Sunday early morning, it looked the same as 6am days prior. I forced myself out of bed, ughhhh, woke up Mr. McGoo and began to prepare for our departure at 5:20am. We arrived at the gym a minute or two shy of 5:30am and found our way to the SPIN CLASS.

One hour later, we stretched and headed home...

The class went well. There was a guy and girl instructor and the journey consisted of "sprints", going "up" hills, and adding resistance to feel the burn along the way. For our first workout in FOREVER, I think we did very well, but both of us commented on how uncomfortable the seat was, as it takes awhile to get used to the stationary bike seat. Ouch! 

I wonder what we'll look like this afternoon... Will we be able to walk? I definitely didn't do EVERYTHING the instructors suggested, nor did I add all the resistance that I could have... my hope was to be able to walk later today, so maybe that will help.

The questions is... will we go back tomorrow am or at least another day this week? My goal would be 3-4 workouts per week. Not sure what that routine will look like, morning or evening, but considering the fluid nature of our schedule sometimes, it'll probably be all over the board. Here's to taking the first step... and to an afternoon stretch calling my name.

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Rachael said...

yikes. Kudos to you and Kelly! Paul and I are pathetically sporadic with our attempts at being fit. We seriously need to get off our behinds! Y'all keep it up and maybe we'll get motivated! ha! :)